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Conservatory Mot

Conservatories, just like any other part of the external surface of a building, are subject to the full rigour of the Scottish weather. They need regular checks to ensure that they are kept up to scratch. As we know that leaks will occur with deterioration of flashings, slipped panels, leaking/failed gutters, build-up of debris, leaves and moss build up leading to blockages etc. Not to mention significant loss of light due to green algae growth on the conservatory roof, discolouration of conservatory roof panels, and dead insects in roof panels.

Just like a car MOT our 30 point Conservatory Mot check covers the following.

Leaks, security of conservatory roof panels, examination of the integrity and blockages in valley and roof gutters, security of glazing bar covers and attachment to hips and ridges, condition of leadwork and flashings, condition of adjacent copings especially important where there are non-cavity walls, seals and integrity of end closures on roof glazing panels, condition of the glazing panels and their seals, correct sizing of the glazing panels and any movement of the conservatory structure, missing components such as end caps and closures, draughts and seals above the window frames, condition of window glazing panels and side members of the conservatory, fit of doors and windows and need for new components and adjustment.


Following our  MOT inspection visit we send you a written report which comprises:

  1. Condition report explaining our findings and diagnostics.
  2. Recommendations for rectification work.
  3. Options for improvements, and upgrades for winter and summer comfort such as new roof panels/ new roof etc, and costs.


Health Check are Perfect for Home Insurance Storm Damage Checks

Conservatory Health Checks are a Standard Price of £250 pound.




Conservatory Health Check.


Mainland Scotland only