Conservatory Refurbishments

Full-Scale Conservatory Refurbishment Services


Should I replace or refurbish my conservatory?


If you have an older conservatory or orangery extension already installed, whether that be one you commissioned or one you inherited, you may be considering upgrading or making some improvements. Whether you need an entirely new structure or a full conservatory refurbishment comes down to budget, the current state of the structure as well as what you are hoping to achieve and use the glass extension for, and whether the current building offers what you need.

While conservatories and orangeries can last for decades, they require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure longevity. If this important step is missed it could lead to serious deterioration of the structure, resulting in leaks, rotting frames, broken window mechanisms and more. Left over time this could render the structure unusable and unfixable. The durability and life of the structure may also be impacted by the quality of materials used as well as the quality of the build.




Mini Conservatory Refurbishment alot Cheaper


We will take your conservatory roof and give it a mini conservatory refurbishment. This will include a full clean-down and fixing all damage to the conservatory roof and seals, putting your conservatory back to the manufacturer's standard.

This is perfect for conservatories over 12 years old.