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Expert Conservatory Repair Services in Scotland


Conservatory Roof Leaking Solutions



Conservatory roof repairs

The Conservatory Repair Company is a specialist in conservatory roof repairs and leak detection in Scotland.

If your conservatory roof leaks, you’ll need to contact us to figure out where the leak is coming from and repair it. Common reasons for a leaking conservatory roof include a leading box gutter, slipped or poorly fitted roof panels, skylight leaks, leaks between roof panels, and leaks around valley gutters.

In most cases, you don’t need to get the whole roof replaced. Most leak problems can be repaired, which will save you thousands of pounds.


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Throughout the lifespan of your conservatory or replacement roof, repairs or maintenance may need to be carried out to ensure it performs as intended.

Exceptionally inclement weather may have affected your conservatory or a tile may have fallen from an adjacent property and damaged your conservatory. Continual exposure to elements such as high winds, rainfall or accidental damage may also mean that your conservatory needs to be repaired to stop more Damage.

Be Careful who you Hire

Did you know that unexperienced workers cause more damage to conservatory roofs?

It's always best to talk to the experts at Conservatory Repair Company.

We are specialists in conservatories.

All tradesmen are trained to industry standards.